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Negligence Defense

Receive the right insurance defense with our negligence claim and personal injury litigation services. At Martin Fallon & Mullé in Huntington, New York, we represent your company at all trials and appeal proceedings.

Insurance Coverage

Get our expert guidance on any insurance claim, regardless of the facts of the case. We offer our expertise based on factual scenarios to resolve disputes regarding losses covered by an insurance policy issued by your company

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About Us

Learn more about the insurance defense services from Martin Fallon & Mullé in Huntington, New York. Our exclusive firm is focused on providing an individualized insurance defense and a personal injury litigation service to ensure a close relationship with your company. Whether you're an insurance agency or a liability insurance company, we assist you throughout your entire trial procedure.

Contact us in Huntington, New York, to request an appointment to acquire the best
representation for your insurance defense and personal injury litigation procedures.
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